who is valentina rocha

Despite being notorious for spending time trying to get out of elevators, Valentina spent most of her time growing up in Milan, Italy and dreaming of her hometown in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Out of the confusion and colors of these two warm cultures, she wandered through childhood, wishing for the moment her dreams could finally come alive.


Then, she discovered the power of the page. School pressed flimsy paper, but her mind always lived in the white, infinite sea of the computer. Shortly thereafter came the infinite sea of loud psychedelic music, and she was convinced she’d found the bridge between dreams and reality. To this day, she carries with her the desire to explore other worlds through what is perceptible. It wasn’t something she “just wrote” on her Artist Mission Statement in high school. Though many other things were, to be fair. 


Her favorite reality also manifested itself when she sailed to the Big Apple in 2014. Moonlighting as a nighttime dreamy DJ, she continued pursuing her endless written fantasies that are now collected works in her blog, Dream About Me. She wore the many hats, from basks to beanies and all the way to fur caps again—but also as a jack-of-all-trades, editor, Buddhist, essayist, and forever seemingly elusive to herself.


These days, you might find her playing Marketing Coordinator on Fifth Avenue.


She’s still searching. Welcome to Valentina’s vessel. Let’s see who can find her first. 

the origin story

the death card and the sun upside-down

This is obviously going to turn into “a thing” even if I don’t want it to. The “thing” that I’m trying to do is introduce you all to the... chaotic (for lack of a better word) rumble of tales you will find around here. We have it all. From delicious drugs to reflections on the nature of nomenclature and alternative music genres, my musings are many—and slightly pretentious at at that. Though I think I make up for it by being extremely self-aware.

Also, I fuck up a lot. Like, a lot. 

I always think my mistakes can be a source of inspiration in others. But for some reason I resisted this until today. Today, while eating pizza with truffles and mushrooms, I decided I’m letting everyone in. It’s more out of necessity than a clear, sheer urge, but the means justify the ends in my world. I think it’s a little different than yours. And, honestly, what am I going to do with this choleric-sanguine-melancholic temperament of mine other than this? Is there another point to it?

I was asking this question a week ago when I was sitting in the floor of my apartment, drawing out some Tarot cards.

Yeah. That. That, too.

Well, I drew Death. Everyone hates Death. I’m pretty sure even Death doesn’t really want to be there. Just look at the card and you tell me. 

Regardless, after it leaving me confused and curious I had the enlightened realization that I should probably look it up. Dr. Google is also Dr. Tarot Card Meanings Online and so I saw. I read. And it was clear that “some clear change is on the horizon.”



Then The Sun showed up. But it was upside-down. The baby fell off of the horse and that creepy sun face was staring at me. There was something I was not seeing. Even with my lack of experience in the art of cartomancy I can tell you an upside-down card is not good. Sometimes, it’s like, okay if the card itself is bad right-side-up. But, still. Not. Good.

There’s something that I’m not seeing and there’s some kind of transformation meant to take place. That’s what I got. You can leave your tips by the crystal jar right there, thank you.

Maybe it was the extremely great sleep I’d gotten the night before. Maybe it was my budding knowledge in the art of web design. Maybe it was my complete exhaustion over being heartbroken, or friendless. But, the next day I dragged myself out to a meal for one at a really hip pizza bar—literally this is what this is—and knew there was no turning back.

I’m turning this sun upside-down. I mean, right-side-up. God, these dashes.

So, welcome.

I promise, I’m a lot more poetic when I’m not listening to Misirlou and on Mucinex withdrawals. But I’m also less fun. Kinda.

This is the most informal prologue I’ve written because there is no other way of doing this. I know, no matter what will come of this, it will change everything. See, this is why I didn’t want to sound dramatic. Erratic is better. Or more entertaining. 

Welcome to my temple. I really wished I was the Queen of Cups but, these days, I’m more like the High Priestess. Withdrawn. Wearing a large hat. You know.

These are my musings. These are my everythings. These were meant to be my books but I think books will cease to exist soon.  Not because I don’t like them, but because the digital medium is a bound storyteller. Wait and see. 


Who knows. Maybe you’re seeing it now.


Maybe you’re finally seeing what I see.